October 09, 2016

‘Stag Party’ Travelers Arrested After A Man-Bun Airline Brawl

A 10-year-old boy was hit over the head with a wine bottle on a Ryanair flight after a brawl erupted from drunken lads on a “stag party” vacation… all because of a passenger’s man-bun. This sounds like a headline generator that used only the most grievous buzzwords of British travel. Families watched in horror as the stag party clashed with other passengers on a flight from Edinburgh to Alicante, Spain, all because one passenger snapped after a stag party member repeatedly shouted “topknot” over and over again, taunting someone’s man-bun. The fighting reached such ridiculous levels that a child was injured when someone threw a travel-sized wine bottle. It’s bad enough traveling with Ryanair, but being subjected to a brawl reserved for outside the pub really seals the deal. Spanish officials were waiting to escort the revelers upon landing.  


Yes, I want to sound marginally more intelligent: